I am posting this poll to gauge interest in a Kickstarter for an ILMB printing. I have 2 arcs still to do so this wouldn’t be until June at the very least. The total pages would be probably about 32  (currently am at 20). My thoughts would be a goal of 1000$ (currently the highest a kickstarter I’ve done is make like 800 so it might not succeed…) I would charge 20$ for the base order of a print of the comic (the print is print is really nice quality as I’ve used Grekoprinting once before). That would probably also include something like a sticker or a hand drawn and signed sketch or something. I would probably do some 5 10 15  dollar tiers for people that don’t really need a book but would still like to support me.

Now on to the point of doing this. Yeah I want to have my work exist in a printed form in case the world ends so future tiny societies could enjoy it, but there is a more immediate reason. I would like to buy some armature dolls to help improve my artwork. 1 costs 190 and if I did this it would require 2 so 400$ is pretty steep, but what I could do with it would make it very worth it. I struggle with dynamic poses and camera angles. with these figures I could pose them and photograph them and take the photo into Manga Studio so that I can use them to make a much more visually interesting comic for you all. Things like foreshortening and birds eye/ worms eye views are really difficult to pull off and so most of my art is pretty much camera is looking straight onto the characters and the hands are to the side (when I do try more the pages take far longer to finish as I redraw them over and over and over to get them looking ok.

20$ may seem steep but the cost just for the comic to be sent without any other little ditties would be 7$ (3$ each to get it printed (they are a 2 hour drive from me so I can pick them up and save 200$ on shipping 🙂 ) mailing them out came up at 190 when I did it the last time between the package and the actual ship cost. then 10% or 2$ would go back to Kickstarter/Paypal) So after all the costs a 20$ pledge would give me about 13$ towards getting the Armatures.
Also if it would succeed I would do something like for every 100 earned past 1000 I would color one page (so if it made like 4200 the entire comic would be colored). Doubt I have a large enough fanbase to pull off something like that but a guy can dream lol.

Check out the Armatures they are really cool