Sorry I’ve been mum the past week. I have been trying to figure out what I should do going forward and it makes sense to use a poll to help decide.

Do I move forward with I Love My Bully or move my focus to a different comic? I will basically pitch a few projects I’ve worked on and leave it up to a consensus on which I pursue.


So as you all know by now I LOVE MY BULLY will pick up in a post apocalyptic wasteland. This seems to be a pretty controversial change (assumed it would turn off some fans but if the comments continue to be my only basis it would seem that 100% of you are against it).

SO here is a pitch about the story that I want to tell…

At the core I LOVE MY BULLY is about Jordan. In the first chapter the one that loved her is Bailey and that love was a source of internal, and external, conflict for Jordan. In this new chapter the love would be A love of sorts one would give a leader, general, or king. She gathers her scared classmates and protects them in the aftermath of a sequence of Nukes that have destroyed pretty much the entire world. In the first chapter there are a few hints towards this that I don’t think anyone picked up on (hint there is a character in this story at the heart of the destruction hidden on a few pages)

The new world is a hot arid desert and the school is mostly rubble. They are able to use that rubble to construct a safe haven from the elements, and later some mutated monsters. As time passes they will meet other communities and start to build a relationship with them.

That is the basic APOCALYPSE story, now on to what makes it ILMB. The cast will continue to be mostly girls and they will often be in a state of undress, as there aren’t any guys around. Jordan and Bailey relationship will still be at the center of everything, They had barely started seeing eachother and haven’t even had sex yet, now the world has ended and survival is taking precedence over their relationship. Can Jordan juggle her feelings and protect the sisters she has come to love? At the heart of everything is her transition from bully to protector. That isn’t to say she won’t be a harsh leader, but she will have their well being at the center of her choices.

SO if this isn’t something that you want I have other stories that have been set aside for various reasons (mostly lack of time) that I could bring back instead of ILMB.



This was the last page I finished before putting Audrey Adventures back on Hiatus. Like Zoe UGH has gone through many hiatus’.

If I bring this back I would pick up where I left off in the comic, instead of picking up at where she meets Zoe.

The story would center around her growing unrequited love of her best friend. She deals with the confusion as it grows from simple friendship into a sexual longing to be closer to her. As she struggles with the new feelings she also struggles with whether to tell her friend that she likes her that way. She fears that the feelings won’t be reciprocated and that telling her could destroy their friendship, but at the same time not telling her would be dishonest particularly when one of their weekly traditions is both getting naked and watching movies cuddled up on a couch. For her friend it is just more comfortable to be sans bra and on some level a bit of physical contact is relaxing and makes her feel safe. To discover that her friend is longing for more turns that platonic act into something sexual and could be construed as a violation of her personal space…

So the story would follow the delemma Audrey is facing and deal with the aftermath of opening up, both to her friend and to herself. Audrey isn’t like Zoe, nor is she like Jordan and her ways of expressing and defense mechanisms will be very different.

If brought back this would be a full adult comic similar in content to Zoe. The humor would be more focused around gaming and movies and eventually would move into the story we are currently witnessing in Zoe 12. As I have spoiled many times. Zoe and Audrey will eventually end up together in secret friends where the 2 experience their first lesbian sex together.




MTTF is a story about Kaitlyn and Squirmee as they go off to college. There she meets 2 other girls

probing rejectedpoker face

I have tried to make this comic work a few times. Originally it started as simply a porn parody of tentacle rape in hentai. A girl had a pet tentacle monster and it constantly tried to have sex with her, occasionally she would, but mostly she would just smack him and treat him like a bad puppy… During this time it was called Stray


MTTF did away with the sexual relationship and had her only treating him like a bad puppy. It also introduced more story elements to make it less a simple 1 dimensional story and instead turn it into something with both heart and conflict.

Who is squirmee? Is he an alien being stuck on earth? A long lost evolution of the squid? A secret government experiment? or something else all together?.

Kaitlyn doesn’t know or care, she just loves her pet, even if it is constantly trying to have sex with her. Besides, she is too concerned with transitioning to a college life. With her new roommates and boys everywhere she doesn’t have time to ponder the great mystery of WHAT is Squirmee.

The comic would be a bit more ambitious than a weekly comic could be at this point so probably would only be able to make it bi-monthly, it also would not contain any full nudity like ILMB instead it would be like that top colored page where things are strategically placed to hide the naughty bits.


So vote for which comic I should pursue. If the one you like the best doesn’t get chosen, no fear there is always a chance for them, Ugh has come and gone 3 times already afterall…

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