jordan character design 1

Jordan has a mouth gaurd in, and is ready for business.

So next week I am going to make my case for what the comic will become. I have since day one teased/warned that the comic would eventually turn into something very different from what it was in the first chapter. I hope you all like it but from my experience change is polarizing and I expect some to be really against it. I hope you at least give it a shot as I am really excited for the narrative options it opens up.

As for ch. 2 I thought I would give a look at what I had planned for that chapter.

At the start it would deal with Jordan having a bit of a identity crisis. She no longer feels like being a bully to those that are weak, but at the same time she still wants to be the top dog. The 2 bullies that drowned Bailey are a threat to her crown.  During this time bookworm really becomes like a little sister to Jordan and Jordan decides to run for student body president.

While this is going on it also deals with the implications of Jordan admitted to herself that she likes a girl and chooses to embrace that. You learn her family life is rife with homophobia, but she still loves her father. She is his little tomboy, and hides the relationship. She brings Bailey over as a friend, and Jordan’s parents are approving, and know about Jordan saving her life and are very proud of their daughter.

Bailey has come out straight up with her own family and they are approving, made easier by the fact that Jordan saved their daughters life.

The chapter would end with Jordan coming out to her father. She no longer cares what the world thinks…